Why Choose Us

In the past decade, the International Spa market has grown exponentially due to burgeoning consumer demand, and concurrently the spa guest experience and business model has become highly  sophisticated.

believe provides expert guidance and advice on successfully managing spa operations, maximizing profits, and planning new spa development. believe spa consultants offer general knowledge across a variety of disciplines, whilst specializing in a specific programmatic area (e.g. menu design and authentic spa therapies; spa equipment; spa employee culture; spa retailing; financial management; staff training and development; operational efficiency; and new spa development). believe also offers the opportunity to concentrate their expertise on a specific industry market segment such as day or club spas, hotel and resort spas, or medical spas.

believe delivers bottom line value that is much more than its cost.



Each company or project has its own set of needs, challenges, goals and available resources.
Common situations which warrant hiring a spa consultant include:

  • The company lacks the specific knowledge and skills to make informed decisions and solve problems
  • Current and previous efforts have not produced the desired results
  • The company continues to deal with the same set of issues/problems
  • The company client lacks the time or staff resources to dedicate to the project
  • An independent opinion is needed to either confirm a decision or to provide alternatives

Some of the common pitfalls spa owners and developers fall into include:

  • Assuming that the architect or designers are fully capable and qualified to develop an operationally workable and market-appropriate spa design and business model
  • Not performing adequate research and market feasibility to guide the development process and the financial commitment
  • Perceiving familiarity with a handful of spa facilities or concepts as a sufficient base of knowledge from which to develop a spa on their own, without actual operational or development experience
  • Ill-conceived and unrealistic expense and revenue projections
  • Hiring a spa consultant after initial plans have been developed & submitted to planning authorities
  • Hiring a spa consultant that does not disclose kickbacks from recommended equipment or products
  • Allowing a Spa Director to develop the spa who lacks the appropriate experience and skill set

When a company decides to build a new spa or to renovate and/or optimize operations in an existing one, it is important to utilize expert development resources to ensure the best result. It’s far easier and ultimately faster to engage believe who have the necessary experience, tools and ability than to follow a shoestring approach which ultimately may jeopardize the success of the entire project through serious errors made in critical areas.



  • Market Analysis, Site Analysis and Financial Feasibility
  • Concept Development and Facility Programming in conjunction with the design team
  • Architecture and Interior Design Review; Value Engineering
  • Equipment and Supplies Specification
  • Vendor Recommendations, Selection, Negotiations
  • Spa Menu of Services and Programming
  • Business Operations Planning and Development
  • Retail Product Development and Merchandising
  • Financial Forecasts and Analysis
  • Staff Development and Training
  • Compensation Strategies and Policies
  • Strategic Marketing and Branding Programs
  • Management and Staff Recruitment, Interviews, Selection
  • Management and Staff Training
  • Formulation and monitoring of a Pre-opening Critical Path
  • Pre-opening Onsite Assistance
  • Post-opening Audits of Management/Staff, Customer Service, Facility, and Financial Performance

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