Pre-Opening Operational Support Services

As the project moves from concept to construction, our move-in services can provide invaluable confidence as the new spa prepares for opening. From hardhat walk through to the ribbon cutting, believe offers constant support.
believe can provide oversight of construction to ensure design integrity and proper equipment and systems setup. These services include:

  • Coordinating the bidding process between potential construction specialists
  • Construction Administration Services, hardhat walk through, technical assistance, facilitating coordination between teams
  • Providing a specifications book for the spa’s Furniture Fittings & Equipment, Operating Supplies and other specialty items
  • Establishing and providing specification books regarding the spa, fitness, lockers and other communal areas.

believe develops a punch-list to ensure a smooth transition from the start of construction till the spa is turned over to operations during pre-opening. Success strategies during this stage include:

  • Continuously updating the budget as needed
  • Finalising a punch list
  • Initiating an operational start up plan
  • Implementing and testing key elements
  • Facilitating a pre-opening review
  • Providing documents and information for project completion and close out (including operation, maintenance and a review of possible extended warranties on your behalf)