Market Analysis

believe assesses the business potential of a new spa or redevelopment project, and discerns which elements will contribute to a spa’s success. Our leadership team’s in-depth research provides invaluable information including, customized marketing analysis, situational analysis, programming, preliminary concepts, demographic overviews, and industry analysis. The team generates competitive set comparisons, as well as a five-year operating proforma. In this initial and critical phase, we build a foundation from your visions of the spa, supplementing the concept with research, industry analysis and expert spa business planning.

Our Leadership Team develops a winning business strategy through customized research and detailed analysis, including:

  • Physically visiting and reviewing potential sites and researching surrounding areas
  • In-depth industry analysis covering business climate, local demographics, key demographic characteristics, present and emerging trends
  • Analysis of the competition, to ensure a competitive edge for your spa
  • Projected guest usage and recommended price points

believe develops a detailed Architectural Program Document, customized to each site.
This study includes:

  • Program of space
  • Preliminary spa concepts
  • Suggested menu of services
  • Guest utilisation projection
  • Projected treatment capacity
  • Membership
  • Retail Sales
  • Fitness/Wellness Revenue
  • Controllable Expenses
  • Pre-Opening Expenses
  • Capacity and Revenue Charts
  • Capital Requirement Projections