Conceptual Development

believe has the expertise to generate synergy among aesthetic form, function and sensible design. It is important that a spa’s style be matched with appropriate equipment and profitable use of space. believe can aid in the selection of a spa architect and interior designer, and will collaborate with your design team to achieve the special ambience required for your spa.

believe thoroughly assesses the spa site. Our conceptual development will include recommendations on:

  • Optimum spatial flow and adjacency
  • Profitable space planning and circulation
  • Advice on final programming, guest and staff flow


Our Design Development and Construction Review services include:

  • Specifications for interior finish, millwork, cabinetry, electrical and lighting
  • Detailed surveying of equipment and inventory
  • Review and critique of architectural and design plans
  • Participation in design meetings and budgetary planning
  • Technical advice and integration information
  • Ongoing creative input
  • Assistance with landscaping, water features and communal areas
  • Review and recommendation for signage and graphics packages
  • Review of plans for Electric, AV, Computer and Phone, Plumbing, Lighting, Furniture, Case and Millwork
  • Continuously updated financial projections
  • Knowledge of essential specifications such as, mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP), furniture, fixtures and equipment (FFE) and operating supplies and equipment (OS&E)