Business Operation & Development

believe develops comprehensive operating procedures and systems for new and existing facilities.
A comprehensive, well-planned development and operations guide is vital on a day to day basis, and is essential for the long term success of both new and existing facilities. The believe package includes:

  • A detailed critical process timeline and project countdown
  • Review, revision and finalising of pre-opening expense and operating budgets
  • Staff management assistance, to include initial training and projected on-going development to include CPD
  • Salary, benefits & commission analysis, recruitment and interview strategies for all levels
  • Management of timeline delivery, and order placement (based on construction) for FF&E/OS&E
  • Final review and revision for Hospitality Stations, Salon Service Programs, Fitness/Wellness, Social Programs
  • Advice on retail merchandising
  • Development of training manuals, job descriptions, and Standard Operational Procedure (SOP) manuals
  • On-site training, including specialised services, product knowledge and systems training
  • Development of a proactive and expansive sales strategy
  • Review of final Marketing & PR plans, advertisement/promotional schedules, collateral/brochures
  • Building Systems Implementation for employee profiles, treatment resources, reservations, gift certificates, inventory, payroll and productivity reports

For new facilities: believe will continue our support through the opening itself, providing a smooth ascent to a fully operational and successful spa venture.

  • On-Site Opening Assistance (approximately 3 weeks)
  • Post-Opening Follow Up (approximately 2 days)

For existing facilities: believe conducts preliminary site visits and property assessments.
○ Offering guidance for directing programs, facilities and staff.
○ Generating a critical action plan to control revenue/profit margins, quality standards, guest and employee satisfaction